Montreal, Canada, Book Release Party

Join Author, Stewart Dean Ebersole, at Le Nouveau Soundcentral in Montreal for an evening of stories, photographs, and rocking out.

In October of 2009, Ebersole and his travel partner, photo assistant, and interviewer, Jorge Brito, dropped in on SoundCentral Record Store in Montreal, Quebec, to meet, photograph, interview people with Montreal with The Bars tattooed on themselves long before it was cool to do so (and maybe it still isn't cool to do so). What we found was an amazing place, amazing people and stories galore. After a persisting friendship with Shawn and Jody, those who continue to run SoundCentral Records and Cafe, I am proud to announce that Barred For Life will be revisiting the scene of that crime next weekend.

Author, Stewart Dean Ebersole, will be on hand to discuss the 2009 tour and the evolution of Barred For Life. Books, including a limited number the extremely limited edition hardcover versions, will be for sale, as well. Musical entertainment will be provided by local Punk Rock heroes, LAUREATE, and, as you can imagined, thousands-upon-thousands of records will be for sale at the shop. Bring your drawing (as in art) skills for a competition to wind a free copy of Barred For Life.

Again, the date is next Sunday, March 23rd, 2014 from 3:30 thru 6:30 pm at Le Nouveau SoundCentral Records (see flier above). SoundCentral Records is located at 4486 Coloniale in Montreal. The store can be reached at +1.514.393.4495. Hope to see all of my eastern Canadian friends there.


Hit the links below to read uncut and lightly edited interviews with Black Flag's second (and fifth) singer, Ron Reyes, and Black Flag's thrid signer, and then second guitar player, Dez Cadena. These interviews were conducted in 2009, long before any talk of Black Flag or FLAG had happened. The interviews are solid with information about the early days of Black Flag and the importance of having been in one of the most awe inspiring bands of 80's hardcore music.

Monday, December 16th:

Happy holiday season friends. Its been a long time since Barred For Life Dot Net was last updated, and I apologize for that. Since the last update a lot of amazing things have happened with the book and at least one very, very sad thing happened. Let's start with the good news:

Jeremy Dean CoverBrian Walsby CoverFor those of you who have been following things on BFL's FaceBook fan-page, you should know that the limited-edition, hand-screen-printed, Walsby (left) and Dean (right) hardcovers have arrived, and are for sale just in time for the holidays. There are 34 hand-numbered and signed (by me) copies of each cover. They are a one shot deal and will never be reprinted. Copies are $50 US Dollars. Shipping inside the US is $6 US Dollars, while shipping to exotic locations such as Europe and Australia (and I suppose most other places in the world) are $30 US Dollars. If you are unsure, and you live in just such an area (say, Romania for instance), email me at, and we will work it out together.

So, about the artists:

You may know Brian Walsby best for his drawing on the cover of 7-Second's epic "Walk Together Rock Together" LP. His cover is a collage of Black Flag's four frontmen singing their souls out to an audience of you. Buy a copy, look up Brian on the interwebs, send him your book, get him to autograph it, and then thank him repeatedly for everything that he's done for the scene that you love so much, please... He is a living Punk Rock legend, people...

Jeremy Dean is probably most well known for his involvement with House Industries. Lately, Jeremy has been gaining notoriety with the image he contributed for the project. In this image, the Grateful Dead's "Steal Your Face" skull has taken on a hardcore vibe by proudly wearing the bars inside. With the words, "We can discover the wonders of Black Flag," I believe that this is a nod over to Greg Ginn's love of all things Grateful Dead (and maybe Jeremy's, too..?).

As well, I still have some copies of the unprinted hardcovers sitting around my office, and they are, as they have always been, $40 US Dollars (plus shipping). There is word, however, that PM Press, my awesome publisher, is offering up the soft-cover (yes, the one with the middle finger) for half price until Christmas. At $12.50, get two or three for the Punk Rockers in your life for the holidays. Otherwise, if you want one of the limited-edition covers you will have to buy it right here

Now, for the very sad news:

Perla CabralIn June of 2013, Barred For Life witnessed a very successful launch party at Bowery Electric. Besides the simple part of me selling the hot-off-the-presses copies of the book, numerous NYHC all-stars came out and played music with Todd Youth and Dez Cadena. I sold books, Black Flag songs were sung, people had a blast, and the whole event (every little part of it) was organized by my good friend Perla Cabral. Perla worked tirelessly, and most of the time had more enthusiasm for my efforts in getting BFL to the shelves than I did. I met up with Perla a few times in New York City to plan the events and every single time she was beaming. She was so in her element doing promotions of this sort, and I just sat there and watched her go, go, go. She was unstoppable.

That said, sadly (VERY SADLY), upon returning from a month long work trip after the show, I threw my suitcases on the floor and turned on my computer, I'd found out that earlier that day she had fallen during a hiking trip with her boyfriend and passed away (read more here). The news was devastating. One never expects to have a friend, a very young friend, pass away without having a chance to say good-bye. Everybody that knew her seemed to be in shock. In the end, all of her friends came together for a memorial service where we finally got to say our goodbyes. Not only will New York City be a less vibrant place without her, but everybody that ever met her will have been changed by her positivity. Barred For Life definitely benefitted from her tireless work on its behalf, and I, personally, will miss her as a friend and confidant.

Thanks for listening and have an incredible holiday season.

Stewart Dean Ebersole
Project Creator and Photographer


CoverBefore I start talking about the upcoming events, I just want to mention that a few weekends ago a thief broke into my car near a very PUBLIC park in Philadelphia, and liberating both my laptop computer and the external hard-drive that had every single piece of BARRED FOR LIFE media saved. Needless to say, that was six years worth of information gathering, stolen. Things happen fast. While sad, forward I move. So...

As many of you now know, BARRED FOR LIFE is on the market. You might have a copy, or you might be waiting until one of the numerous release events so that you might just find some instant gratification by buying a copy from me. Well, whatever you wish, BARRED FOR LIFE will be on the move soon. Yes, the official release date was slated for April 1st, but we were so excited to finally get this epic book into the hands of those who preordered, that the mighty PM Press released it a bit early. By all accounts sales are doing very well, and in no time at all our suppliers in Europe have been getting a steady supply of books to both the UK and continental Europe. All of the necessary information for this, and other events, can be found on our FaceBook Fan Site

New York Release EventsNYC BARRED FOR LIFE Book Signing

DATE: Sun June 23
TIME: 2:00pm until 5:00pm
WHERE: Generation Records

BARRED FOR LIFE Release Party! Dez Cadena & Friends w/ Chesty Malone and the Slice 'em Ups and More!

DATE: Sun June 23
TIME: 7:00pm
WHERE: Bowery Electric
PRICE: $8 in adv, $10 at door
Purchase Tickets
Percetage of proceeds will be donated to MusiCares

Attention, any intersted party within one million miles of New York City, if you do not make it to Barred For Life's NYC debut then you will have to lie about it when it becomes legendary in the Punk Rock history books. You will have to say, "yeah, I was totally there," yet provide no proof, and then go home and cry because you lied to all your friends.


Perla Cabral is running the show on this one, and it is a MUST-SEE sort of event. A formal book signing will take place on the afternoon of Sunday, June 23rd at Generation Records between the hours 2-5pm. The author will be bringing hard and soft covers galore to the event to sell and sign, and will be bringing along his friend Dez Cadena.

Yes, I said it... Dez Cadena, third singer for Black Flag, leader of the DC3, part of the Misfits, and currently playing also in FLAG IIII , will be on hand to tell some stories, sign some books, and blow your mind. Reading and discussion will start around 3:30, so get there early if you want both Ebersole and Cadena's full attention.

Immediately following the official reading, signing, and discussion, let the Rock-N-Roll begin. Perla has put together one of the best shows to drop on NYC in decades at Bowery Electric starting at 7:30.

Opening the show is Brooklyn's Chesty Malone and the Slice'em Ups, followed by Dez Cadena & The Superbas doing some original material and covering the entire Black Flag, Louie-Louie ep.

So what could be better than this..? Well, Todd Youth (Murphy's Law, Cro-Mags, Danzig) teams up with Dez, and an all-star line up of Punk Rock royalty to rock out to the rest of the Black Flag catalog. Singing along with Todd and Dez will be: Steve Soto (Adolescents), Randy Shrager (Scissor Sisters), John Joseph (Cro-Mags), Paul Bearer (Sheer Terror), Jimmy Gestapo (Murphy's Law), Rizzo (The Misguided), Drew Stone (Antidote), Mick Stitch (LES Stitches), Jack Ridley III (Threats), Walter Schreifels (Quicksand) Admiral Grey (Cellular Chaos) & more

The whole affair will be hosted by Sirrius Radio's Zena Kooda, host of Liquid Metal, and will cost only a measley 10 dollars (8 if you buy in advance, or if you have The Bars tattooed on you somewhere).

And in case you missed the signing with Ebersole and Dez, copies will be available for purchase and signing. I cannot be positive, but I believe that there will be a good group of people from the book in attendance who will be happy to sign your copy for all to covet.

Seriously, though, don't be that guy/girl who has to lie to their friends about being at this event. Just come out and help celebrate one of the most important books in Punk Rock finally finding its own voice in the world.

RAFFLE: Purchase a book at the signing or at the Book Release party and you are entered to win a FREE Black Flag bars tattoo at NYHC Tattoo ( Courtesy of our sponsors NYHC Tattoo), a limited edition autographed hardcover copy of BARRED FOR LIFE (signed by Dez Cadena, Chuck Dukowski, and Keith Morris) , AND MORE!

GIVEAWAYS: Receive the latest copy of IINKED Magazine with the purchase of a BARRED FOR LIFE book. (Courtesy of our sponsors IINKED Magazine )

Past Events





Brian Walsby CoverA lot of you have been pushing me to get the hardcover editions on the market. Well, I am trying. The cover art is finished and everything is in place, except I still haven't found a crew to print the images. So, here is what we have going on. Long time scene artist, Brian Walsby (on the right), has happily contributed awesome image, while Jeremy Dean of House Industries has handed this brilliant image over to us (on the left). The aim is to have these bad-boys completed by May 1st for general sale instead of auction. Brian Walsby CoverWe will also have a limited, limited, limited edition of 10 of these copies that are signed by the members of FLAG, and they will only really be available at the various events as part of a raffle to help pay our expenses.

So, thanks to you, BARRED FOR LIFE is doing very well. I thank you all kindly for your efforts.

Lastly, if you are not on Barred For Life's mailing list please reach out to us at and asked to be signed up. Any breaking news will be broken through our mailing list.

Stewart Dean Ebersole
Project Creator and Photographer


CoverIt is official..! Barred For Life is finishing its days at the printer and soon will be shipped to the mighty PM Press' warehouse for an April 1st delivery date to a store near you. If you've pre-ordered your copy through PM Press, or through Amazon-dot-com, then you will be seeing your copy soon after they arrive at the warehouse in mid-March. You can still preorder Barred For Life from PM Press for $24.95 by clicking below:


If you work for a magazine, a zine, a distro, or record store, or are somehow in a position to offer BARRED FOR LIFE some exposure, please contact PM Press directly and state your case for why you should get a promotional copy to review. The first edition is limited to 3000 copies, and they are running out fast, but we here at BFL are very interested in getting our story out to more and more people around the world. Don't be shy. If you can offer us some solid publicity then we want to hear from you.


There has been a small buzz in the air about a limited edition of 100 hardcover volumes of BARRED FOR LIFE that will be offered during our campaign to raise funds to support our book release events in New York City (April 13th Weedend), Los Angeles (April 27th Weekend), and Manchester, UK (May 11th Weekend), along with a few other events soon to be announced. The dates above are currently in the planning stages, so stay tuned to this site for updates and confirmations.

So, back to the extremely limited edition hardcovers…

Barred For Life is teaming up with a long-time-scene-illustration-veteran, whose name will be dropped as soon as the cover design is confirmed, to produce a one-of-a-kind screen-printed cover, that after they are all sold they will never be available again. These volumes will be numbered and signed by the author, and will only be available via our fundraising auction to be announced right here on our website, which is slated for early March of 2013.

Along with the hardcover editions, expect BFL merchandise in the form of tee-shirts, stickers, and other goodies in the next few weeks. All official BFL items will be released first on our website before becoming available to the public. If you have any requests please feel free to drop us a line at BARREDFORLIFE@GMAIL.COM. And, again, please stay tuned to this website for updates concerning the release of the book, our release-event fundraiser, the ensuing release events, and merchandise updates.

Lastly, if you are not on Barred For Life's mailing list please reach out to us at and asked to be signed up. Any breaking news will be broken through our mailing list.

Thanks for listening,
Stewart Dean Ebersole
Project Creator and Photographer


As of today this is what you will see when you think of the Barred For Life project. Drink it up and pass it along to your friends. More on the release of Barred For Life can be found just below this awesome image. As an aside, there will be a limited number of hardcover volumes issued, so stay tuned in for the launch of our Kickstarter campaign, which is the only place to get one of these rare commodities…



Its official! After five years of scouring the world and taking your photos and stories, Barred For Life will finally make it to the shelves of your favorite book and record stores on October 1st, 2012, published and distributed by PM Press.

Good news is that if you allowed Jared or me to take your photograph, you are in the book. Nobody was cut. You are all in there. Think about it: your photo, your tattoo, your words sharing pages with the likes of Dez Cadena, Ron Reyes (aka Chavo Pedarast), Kira Roessler, Chuck Dukowski, Keith Morris, Glen E. Friedman, Edward Colver, and Rick Spellman.

For those of you who don't know by now, besides gracing the usual suspects, The Bars can be found on actors Johnny Depp and Edward Norton, singer-songwriters Bryan Adams and Frank Turner, and Foo Fighters frontman David Grohl. As the phenomenon continues to grow you can be sure that The Bars, the lasting legacy of the band Black Flag and their contribution to Punk Rock culture, will find their way into many more curious aspects of popular culture.

On the updated site you will find links to our Facebook community and Twitter feed, as well as to my 2009 tour blog, where you will find a blow-by-blow account of my travels, with my tour partner Stefan Bauschmid (and others), across the US, Canada, and much of Europe. There are hundreds of previously unposted photos, and in the writing you will get a glimpse into a world where a mature 42-year-old man (and a diehard Punk Rocker for 25 of them) walks completely away from his "normal" life in order to dig dirt and tell an important story. Of course, the life we are discussing here is mine, and the story, um, well, that is the inspiration for the narrative you will find in Barred For Life when the book finds its way into your collection next October.

So in the meantime feel free to check into FaceBook and Twitter, post a picture of your Bars, and tell us your story. And if you have any unanswered questions after all of this blathering, I can be reached most easily via email at

Thanks, and my sincere gratitude,
Stewart Dean Ebersole
Project Creator and Photographer