Punk Rock. This term once conjured images of angry youth, nihilism and wanton destruction.

But that was when punk was an upstart subcultural phenomenon over thirty years ago. As the angry youth of the late 70's and early 80's grew and changed into the adults, parents, workers and business owners of today, punk changed also, going from a youth culture feared and disdained by parents, police and the rock music establishment to an easily-accessible social niche found in nearly every high school across the country. In other words, it became a respected musical influence that left its mark on FM radio staples like the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Soundgarden, and even Nirvana. Read More


In October of 2009 Ebersole and his able travel companion, Stefan Bauschmid, took off around the country to take photographs, get interviews, shoot video, and build connections that would insure the ultimate success of Barred For Life. We accomplished exactly that, and so much more. Nearly 40-days in the white Hyundai Sonata, and covering nearly eleven thousand miles, Ebersole and Bauscmid made friends, found adventures, engaged in argument, and listened to a lot of satellite radio, all the while compiling what will soon be the finished edition of the Barred For Life book.  Read More


Barred For Life is a photo-driven documentary highlighted and counterpointed with a compelling narrative which addresses the facts and fantasies associated with growing up a Punk Rocker in the early 1980's, and how Black Flag pervaded the scene's rumor mill like a mysterious specter all across the country and around the world. Revealing quotations supplement the austere black-and-white photography of Jared Castaldi and Stewart Dean Ebersole, Barred For Life's photographic team. Rounding out the crew, Matt Smith's DIY fanzine-style layout and typography are tied together tightly by dogmatic adherence to both irony and sarcasm in telling the tale of growing up a punk rocker at a time when being a Punk Rocker was anything but cool, and at times was extremely dangerous.  Read More