ebersoleSTEWART DEAN EBERSOLE - The Project Creator, Photographer, and Writer
Stewart Ebersole is a freelance designer and builder currently living and working in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Beyond his many past musical and artistic pursuits, Ebersole spends the majority of his free time traveling and surfing, and occasionally documenting concepts that he finds both relevant and interesting, and sparsely covered due to their obscure subcultural nature. Ebersole dedicated much of his time and efforts to varied aspects of the Punk Rock culture between the years of 1982 and 2002, and Barred For Life is his first book on the topic.  Contact Stewart

castaldiJARD CASTALDI - The Photographer
Jared Castaldi is a professional photographer living in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His body of work, spanning everything from fashion spreads to lifestyle pictorials to solid journalism, has led him to the enviable professional position of being in high demand by publications both local to Philadelphia, and with publications that reach a greater national audience. When not shooting for his various clients, Jared can be found either aggressively playing his drums or aimlessly riding his vintage motorcycle. Jared’s work can be seen at his website, www.jaredcastaldi.comContact Jared

smithMATT SMITH - The Designer
Matt Smith is a graphic designer and musician living and working in West Chester, Pennsylvania. As a West Chester native, Matt was an active member of the southeastern Pennsylvania Hardcore scene, releasing records by local bands under his own Contention Records label and publishing a fanzine of the same name. A former skateboarder, Matt is an avid record collector and a self-proclaimed Hardcore historian. Matt’s current projects include restoring numerous vintage British motorcycles and is a blogger/journalist and host of a recent television pilot - exploring the history of these beautiful machines. Matt’s work can be annexed at  Contact Matt


torrieroPHIL TORRIERO - European Promotions Manager
Phillip James Torriero was raised by his Mother and Grandfather in the post-industrial mill town of Burnley, North West England. Phillip attended a Roman Catholic High School that heavily focused on sports success and religious dogma. He soon tired of academia, and his view of life and art changed drastically when he discovered Punk Rock in the summer 1994. Since then he has played, toured, quit and been fired from several bands of varied genre and success. These days, Phillip resides in West Manchester, where he is currently studying to be an accountant. He is an avid record collector, analogue photographer, and guitar player, and travels as much as possible. Contact Phil


bauschmidSTEFAN BAUSCHMID - North American Tour Assistant, October and November 2009
Considering being part of the Barred for Life road crew was a decisive point for Stefan. In the summer of 2009, freshly out of a job, he figured it would be a great thing to be part of and help out with, and so the adventure started in October and went on for 9 weeks all over the US, until Stefan returned to Arlington, VA in mid November, with a fresh “bars” tattoo and many fond memories of a cross-country Iliad in service of punk rock history. Since the Barred for Life tour, Stefan has been busy starting an arts & disability non-profit in Baltimore, MD, drumming in his wife Amy’s band Garland of Hours, schlepping amps and fixing stuff at the Black Cat in DC, and shipping Dischord recordings all over the globe. The adventures have been plentiful since that fall of 2009.

britoJORGE BRITO - Canadian Tour Assistant, October 2009
Jorge Brito was born and raised in Sterling, Virginia. After wearing many hats in the DIY Punk Rock community in and around Richmond, Jorge turned his sites on conquering a teaching degree from Temple University in Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly Love. Upon completing his degree, Jorge taught, every so briefly, the children of Philadelphia before deciding it an occupation unworthy of one who near-worships the Nation of Ulysses and wears all-black clothing all year round. Deciding to stay, he now rides a bicycle for a living, and serves as the mouthpiece for the Philadelphia Bicycle Messengers Association (PBMA).

bunnellNOE BUNNELL - East Coast Tour Assistant, November 2009
Noe Bunnell currently lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and is the proprietor of an upscale pet boutique called BONeJOUR in the Olde City section of town. Prior to landing in the City of Brotherly Love, Noe grew up, and found Punk Rock, in her native home of Hawaii. She found Hawaiian Punk Rock both alienating and interesting in equal measure. Throughout her Hawaiian Punk Rock tenure, Noe played in numerous bands, consistently published her zine Kytzyl, and worked as a teacher of young people for six years. Her most recent musical endeavor, an all-girl two-piece band, operated in the spirit of The Donnas (early stuff) and the Ramones, and she has been working on a new issue of Kytzyl, which should be out soonish(?)

dwyerAUDREY DWYER - European Tour Assistant, December 2009
Audrey Dwyer is a life long Philadelphian, currently residing in the hipster haven of South Philadelphia. A newlywed, as of 2011 Audrey is celebrating her 10th anniversary as a professional hair stylist. Still technically a young’in, she conveys much of the Punk Rock DIY ethic and attitude in her work, touring the country with her husband, a Philadelphia tattooist, staging pop-up styling/tattooing events, and working diligently to keep her individual style vibrant and relevant by endlessly updating the visual content of her website